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Change is the only constant

Been a very long time. I titled this blog entry ” Change is the only constant .” There are some in this world that disagree with this statement, but I find them to be among those who claim to be philosophers but are really just folks who will argue most anything for the sake of argument alone or because their narcissism ( as it always does !) gets the better of them. Whether it is at the micro of the sub-atomic quantum level or that of the macro of the physical universe, change is alway occuring. The universe is not static in any way. We as humans may go along in our daily routines mostly untouched by change for sometimes long periods. And, yet, change does present itself to us, unfortunately in a sometimes sudden and violent manner. So, change has arrived to me. My wife and I chose a couple of months ago to leave the economically challenged area of Melbourne, Florida for what we hope will be more personally fruitful ground here in Arlington, Virginia. This was not an easy decision. There are a great many positive things about living in an area like Melbourne. The climate is lovely and my wife and I both dislike winter. The area is very easy to get around ; traffic is almost non-existant to people like us who grew up and/ or lived in places like NYC or Washington D.C. or Boston. It was wonderful to be able to stand in our backyard and watch the Space Shuttles take off from Kennedy. We were close enough to be able with the aid of binoculars to read the writing on the side of the ships as they arced up into the sky. They would be growing small by the time the roar came bringing with it the trembling of the ground that would shake the house. There were very cool little places that my wife and I would go to – a particular restaurant or place to hear music. Some of these places I played my guitar in ; I have some great memories of tearing it up with friends in some of the clubs in Cocoa Beach. We also knew some truly wonderful people, for me some as both friends and as students…I miss them all. Having access to the beautiful beaches was a thing we never took for granted. Taking a few hours on a Sunday to sit with the ocean while reading was an activity my wife and I both enjoyed tremendously. Yet, there is the other side of living there. The economy is as depressed as any of the worst areas in the nation. Many shopping plazas have for lease signs hanging in the windows. Those signs have been there in many cases for years. One could drive down any road and see house after house for sale or forclosed, houses both like cottages and others like McMansions. I lost many students due to one parent or a spouse or themselves recieving the dreaded layoff notice..dreaded because if you lost your job, there was near a zero chance of finding another in the area. It became a real struggle to survive in that environment. I have a few credo’s that I live by…words of what I believe to be wisdom accrued over my years. One of these I describe as ” The Supreme Law Of Nature “. It is a simple Law, but ruthlessly unforgiving. ” Adapt, Migrate, Die “. Ultimately, these three words are the only choices we have in life. We adapt to our environment, finding our niche and exploiting it the best we can. If we fail at this, we are left with then with the other two choices. We must migrate and attempt as best we can to adapt to a new niche to exploit. If we fail at this, we are left with the final choice, and final it is. Another of my axioms is ” Reality is as it is as it is, not how we hope, want, or wish it to be.”  Reality revealed itself to my wife and me…it was time to migrate. And so, we came to Arlington, Virginia. We chose this place for a few reasons. My wife’s eldest daughter lives here with her husband and our 2 year old grandson. Primarily, we chose this place as it has about the most active and dynamic economy in the country at this time. Now it is time to establish our niche so that we can begin to exploit it.  For me, this means re-establishing Traditional Temple Training, now known as TTT Performance Martial Arts, here. I know that this will take some time, but I choose to believe based on things like demographics that I will come to know success. I believe that what I teach, how I teach, what I have to offer the community as an instructor, be it my health based instruction in Tai Chi and Qi Gong or my instruction in absolute get it done hand to hand combat, is unlike anything any other instructor does offer. I believe that once I connect with one student, it will not take long for the word to spread. I believe in what I teach and how I teach ; I believe totally in the KungFu I learned through my ShiFu’s. And I believe that over time, my reputation will be solidly established. I have a long road ahead of me with lots of work to be done to build TTT Performance Martial Arts into the premier school of martial arts in the area for those who desire to know ancient and true Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong. I have managed to create a successful niche wherever I have found myself to be and I will do so here. To all of my students from across my past, my thanks to you for your dedication. To those of you whom I have not yet met, welcome.

September 2020