I am a GrandMaster, that is a Master of more than one style of Martial Art. Each of the arts I know is from ancient ” Classical” China. Some are better known such as Wu XianXing Chuan ( Five Animal Fist ) and Shan Tung ( Black Tiger), others are extremely rare such as Lo-Chi-Shou ( Way of Pointing Hand), a Shaolin system dating from the mid-1200’s and Ou-Der Kun Tao, a 900 year old style from Fujien Province. In my 38 years as a Kung Fu practioner, I was priviledged to be the student of several of the highest ranking Masters on the planet, all of whom were or are (two are deceased) the highest ranking representatives of their styles in the United States. From my “primary” Master I also was educated in Medicine, Meditation, and Qi Gong. I presently live and teach in the Space Coast area of Florida,USA.

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September 2020

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